On Mother’s Day, let’s listen to our moms’ cries for justice


Jonathan Merritt, who writes On Faith & Culture for RNS, invited Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove — to write this guest column on his blog.

When I was growing up in North Carolina, my parents took me to Sunday School, where Southern Baptist women made sure I learned a few lessons well: Jesus loved me, the Bible was God’s holy Word, and I should always listen to my mother.

The Bible commanded us to “Honor thy father and mother: that thy days may be long upon the land.” We memorized and recited it often. Since our mothers bore the weight of both child-rearing and religious education, listening to them was the daily task of obeying God’s Word.

As Americans pause to honor mothers and grandmothers this Mother’s Day,  Southern Baptist women like the ones who raised me are speaking out.

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