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I’m Jonathan Merritt.
I write about
faith and culture.

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Learning to Speak God from Scratch

"At a time when religious language has been hijacked by politicians and exploited by hypocritical, profiteering ministers, the idea of an honest-to-God spiritual conversation feels alienating to many Americans. In Learning to Speak God from Scratch, Jonathan Merritt’s groundbreaking analysis of this new reality is a welcome revelation. This engaging, important book will appeal equally to the devout and the spiritually alienated." 

—Kirsten Powers, CNN political analyst and USA Today columnist


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Seekers & Speakers

Helping you discover a faith worth talking about. One of America's most prolific religion writers, Jonathan Merritt, sits down with the most interesting and influential Christian leaders today, asking them to reimagine a sacred word from the vocabulary of faith.


If we wake up to our current realities and return to our foundations... the faith's best days may yet lie ahead.

- jonathan merritt