‘Abolitionist Mamas’ Fight to End Modern Slavery


Shayne Moore and Kimberly McOwen Yim have two things in common: they are suburban moms and anti-slavery advocates. These two “Abolitionist Mamas” have decided to share their journeys from middle-class mothers to activists in a new book, “Refuse To Do Nothing: Finding Your Power to Abolish Modern-Day Slavery." It’s a guide for anyone else who has ever wondered what one or two average people can do in the face of evil. Here, we discuss the issue of modern-day slavery and how to overcome our resistance to getting involved in such a complicated issue.

RNS: Many of advocacy organizations are focused on “raising awareness.” But as you point out in your book, people don’t want to feel bad without taking action to make things better. Is “awareness” a cop-out?  

Shayne: Awareness and education is the key to everything. You won’t act if you don’t know. When good people are aware, I believe they will act. [tweetable]Awareness is where God starts to spark the imagination of the kingdom of God here and now.[/tweetable]

Kim: Awareness is only a starting place. Some people need many touches and message repetition before they are ready to look at the action needed. I prefer to see awareness paired with engagement--some sort of action--but sometimes you have to start with simple awareness.

RNS: If it is so important, why do you think more people aren't engaged on the topic of modern slavery?


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