How Todd Starnes is Compromising Fox News' Credibility


Although Fox News Channel may be the favorite whipping boy of liberals, the best data indicates that the outlet is neither the most opinionated nor the most biased. But that doesn’t mean that America’s most popular cable news network doesn’t have credibility issues. It does. If you want to find one of the greatest threats to Fox’s credibility, walk past Sean Hannity’s carefully powdered forehead and Megyn Kelly’s impeccably curled hair, and go deep inside NewsCorps’ Manhattan headquarters. There you’ll find Todd Starnes, a middle-aged man sitting at a difficult-to-find desk who hosts a radio podcast and web-only video show and occasionally pens opinion columns for He might appear unassuming, if vaguely familiar, but he is more influential and destructive than even Fox’s network executives may realize.

Fox News has a Todd Starnes problem. And while the network doesn’t seem to be concerned, perhaps it should be. Because Starnes has both a rapidly expanding platform and a long history of journalistic malfeasance.