A Large Colorado Congregation Just Became LGBT-Inclusive. Here’s Why It Matters (COMMENTARY)


(RNS) In 2009, a friend told me that the prominent evangelical leaders who were pro-LGBT could all fit into a minivan. I struggled to prove him wrong. But over the last eight years, a number of evangelical scholars have argued for alternate readings of key biblical texts that would make space for LGBT relationships. Evangelical writers have penned blog posts, leaders have made public declarations and evangelical pastors have led their churches to consider welcoming LGBT couples.

And now, after nearly two years of internal deliberation, the elders of Denver Community Church have announced they will welcome LGBT persons into all levels of membership, ministry and leadership. Founded in 2001, the non-denominational evangelical church attracts as many as 1,500 worshippers to its two campuses each week. The average attendee is estimated to be in their 30s.


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