Pat Robertson, Christianity's crazy uncle


An elderly man with a silver comb-over and a blazer two sizes too large stares at the ground with sunken eyes as if he's unaware there's a television camera broadcasting his words. He's rambling about Donald Trump, dismissing the 2005 video in which the candidate brags about sexual assault as nothing more than "macho" talk. Glancing up at the camera, he goes on to say that Trump is "like the phoenix" who the world presumed dead, but "came back strong" to win the second presidential debate despite all initial scientific polls indicating the exact opposite. This man is Christianity's crazy uncle, Pat Robertson. He was once an influential televangelist and powerful leader of the religious right, but in recent years, he's used his 700 Club television show to spout extreme rhetoric, peddle bizarre prophecies, and fling insensitive comments. He has tarnished his reputation, diminished his influence, and embarrassed his fellow Christians. He needs to step down.