Jonathan Merritt: Remixed - Last Leaders


As kids, we learn from fairy tales what all of us know intuitively: In the world we live in, there is up and down, privileged and cursed, those on the top of the food chain and those at the bottom. And where you find yourself will determine if you live “happily ever after.” You don’t want to get stuck as a commoner in the underworld, you don’t want to be lowly frog perched on a water well, you don’t want to be cleaning floors for your step-family. You want to be in the palace, on Olympus, at the front of the line, in charge and in control. This is the way the world works, the way it always has and always will. But in the midst of this narrative, we have another story. Tales of another world. In this alternative narrative, there is also a king with a kingdom, there are heroes and miracles. But the message of this kingdom--God's kingdom--is different.

In the world, the firsts get all the perks and receive the service. In the Kingdom of God, the lasts get all the perks because they chose to serve. God exalts those who humble themselves and who lead by serving.

Instead of asking all the questions we naturally ask, “How can I get ahead? How can I make more money? How can I earn that promotion? How can I buy that bigger house and better car? How can I earn a better reputation, be better thought of, and gain more recognition?” Instead, living in God's kingdom means learning to ask, “Who is that I need to serve today? Who lacks the influence, charisma, resources, advantages, kick-backs, network that I do that I can leverage my position to bless? What needs can I meet that I’m ignoring? What sacrifice can I make that would benefit another?”

In the third talk in this "Remixed" series, I explore how we can learn to be last leaders (begins at 24:48):

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