Transparent Leadership: An Interview with Catalyst’s Brad Lomenick


Over the last 15 years, Brad Lomenick has built one of the largest networks of Christians in America as the Executive Director and Key Visionary of Catalyst. His conferences attract more than 25,000 leaders annually. Lomenick's new book, The Catalyst Leader: 8 Essentials for Becoming a Change Maker, shares what he’s learned from his experiences working with influencers and what the future of religious leadership looks like. JM: What are some positive trends you’re seeing in the Church and ministry environments?

BL: Collaboration, idea sharing, unity, excellence and authenticity. I think we are at an unprecedented time in history where churches are partnering and willing to work together more than ever before. A focus on neighborhoods and the local community is also a major positive trend happening in the church right now. Known as being missional, it’s the idea that the church is invested in not just bringing people into the church, but actually sending people out into the communities to be salt and light.

JM: Can you give us a brief overview one of the essentials you prescribe in the book?

BL: Over the years, I’ve realized a great lesson about leadership: I’m at my best when I’m simply being me. It’s taken some time to figure that one out. Every leader I know faces the temptation to project a persona other than their true selves. They think that in order to maintain the confidence of their team or followers, they must appear faultless, flawless and ever wise. Yet I believe that what everyone around you wants is an authentic leader, not a perfect one. A leader who is willing to admit their mistakes. A leader that a team can trust and follow. The real you. That can only happen if I embrace who I truly am rather than trying to be someone else.


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