Welcome To The Trump Era. Hold Onto Your Hope.


Tomorrow at noon, Donald J. Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America. Depending on your political persuasion, reading that line either stirs your sense of hope or saps it. Enter Michael Wear, a former Obama White House staffer who directed the outgoing president’s faith outreach during his 2012 reelection campaign. Wear has just written a sobering book, “Reclaiming Hope: Lessons Learned in the Obama White House About the Future of Faith in America.” It contains a messages for all Americans, whether you believe that the incoming president poses a threat to America’s greatness or will truly make us “great again.”

Here, Wear and I discuss whether Obama’s “hope and change” promised failed, how pro-Trump Americans should check their sense of hope, and why anti-Trumpers have reasons to keep hope alive in this new age. He explains why all Americans have reason to hope no matter who they voted for last November.