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Learning to Speak God From Scratch

“Jonathan writes with uncommon eloquence, curiosity, and compassion about the ever-evolving role of religion and faith in our culture, with the hard-earned wisdom of one who’s been both scarred and healed. “ - Josh Radnor, star of CBS’s How I Met Your Mother & The Hunt

“Fascinating, inspiring, creative, and frequently brilliant, Jonathan Merritt’s new book restores these sacred but often forgotten words to their rightful place in the life of belief. “ - James Martin, SJ, New York Times best-selling author and editor-at-large.

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Jesus is Better Than You Imagined

"Jonathan paints a picture of a God who loves a good surprise and meets us in ways we may not have considered. So read this book expectantly. It will shatter your misconceptions and help you encounter a God more wonderful than you ever conceived."

- Mark Batterson, New York Times bestselling author of The Circle Maker

A Faith of Our Own

Following Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars

“Jonathan envisions a future where the christian church is not republican or democrat, but rather faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ - a future that is quickly approaching. This book comes not a moment to soon. ”

Kirsten Powers - CCN political analyst and USA Today Columnist

Green Like God

“Merritt arms the reader with Bible verses commanding care for creation resources and suggestions for green living are given in the appendixes. Himself a convert to the idea of God as green, Merritt is sure to appeal to the hearts of even the most polarized Christians. His guide could be turned into relevant sermon material and should be mandatory reading for churchgoers. “

-Publisher’s Weekly