Compare Wayne Grudem’s comments about Rudy Giuliani to his Trump endorsement


Wayne Grudem’s got some ‘splainin to do. The author of Systematic Theology provoked a strong reaction from many fellow Christians recently when he published a 5,000-word article that stated voting for Donald Trump was “morally good” and voting for Hillary Clinton was sinful. Conservative Christian leaders have long claimed that presidents should be people of strong moral character, and Trump is a thrice-married, foul-mouthed, casino-owning womanizer who once appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine and operated a Atlantic City strip club under his name. Not exactly a bastion of evangelical ethics.

But Grudem’s recent comments are even stranger in light of Grudem’s past comments. In 2007, Grudem penned a column titled, “Why Evangelicals Should Support Mitt Romney.” The majority of the article was unremarkable, but the final paragraph is worth considering in light of his Trump endorsement (emphasis mine):

So it seems to me that if evangelicals don’t support Romney in a significant way, Giuliani will be the Republican candidate. So then we will have a pro-abortion, pro-gay rights candidate who is on his third marriage and had a messy affair prior to his divorce from his second wife. Then we will lose any high moral ground and the enthusiasm of the evangelical vote (many of whom will just sit it out), and the difference between Giuliani and Clinton will be only one of degrees as he shifts leftward in the general election to appeal to the “middle.” So then if we lose, we lose, and even if we win, we lose on the crucial moral issues of abortion and protection of marriage. Romney is a much better choice. But he needs evangelical support now if he is going to win.

If you have enough sense to pack an umbrella on a rainy day, you already see the contradiction.