How Shauna Niequist became successful by not trying to be


When you’re the wife of prominent musician Aaron Niequist and the daughter of mega-church pastor Bill Hybels and activist Lynne Hybels, it’s easy to become known for who you are related to. But Shauna Niequist has refused to live in another’s shadow. As a popular blogger and author, she has become known for uncommon spiritual insights and homespun wisdom. And yesterday, Niequist achieved a new level of recognition when her book, Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living, landed the #2 spot on the coveted “New York Times” bestsellers list. (It also hit #1 on the Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly lists.) Going forward, Shauna’s notable relatives may be known by theirrelation to her.

Interestingly, this success did not come just from writing a beautiful piece of literature. Although the book qualified. It also didn’t come through snippets of practical advice, though the book is chock full of those, too. No, her success came from not trying to be successful. From just being herself.