Glenn Beck Preaches Mormon Theology at Liberty University


Glenn Beck believes Joseph Smith was a prophet. Glenn Beck believes he is wedded to his wife for eternity. Glenn Beck wears special garments under his clothes to remind him of promises he has made to God. But none of this is startling because, well, Glenn Beck is Mormon. But it may surprise you to learn that Beck preached a sermon at Liberty University on April 25 that was rife with Mormon theology in which he showcased a valuable Mormon relic.

During the sermon, Beck asked if Liberty students were willing to give their lives for their beliefs: “What are you willing to do? What is it that means something to you?”

Beck then told the story of Joseph Smith’s death (15:15-16:54), describing Smith as a martyr of the faith. According to Beck, a Sheriff falsely accused Smith of owing a debt for stealing a stove.

“[Smith] reached into his pocket and pulled out his pocket watch…he gave it to the Sheriff and said, ‘I owe man nothing.’ They let him go. And they killed him," Beck said.

Beck picked up Smith’s pocket watch, a Mormon relic, and showed it to the crowd: “This is his pocket watch that he pulled out.”

He also brought other religious artifacts, such as an “original William Tyndale Bible” and a Bible that Beck claimed “stopped the Salem witch trials.”

Later, Beck roused the crowd by talking of their spiritual purpose: “You’re here for a reason…You were born at this time in this country, you are at this university for a reason.”

Beck said that “nobody in the Grand Councils” sent them down to earth just to design T-shirts or become an accountant.