After Hobby Lobby, What’s Next for Religious Freedom?


The lawyers who represented Hobby Lobby in their legal fight against Obamacare’s contraception mandate got what they wanted, but not exactly what they expected, from the Supreme Court today. Though they did not receive the unanimous decision they hoped for, the arts and craft retailer still won their case by a margin of 5-4. As sports fans often say following a narrow victory, “a win is a win is a win.”

But those who follow such things know the Hobby Lobby case was just one crest in a larger wave of religious freedom battles sweeping through American courts and culture. So what is next in terms of religious liberty now that the Hobby Lobby case is behind us?

1. Non-profit contraception coverage: In terms of the Supreme Court, the Little Sisters of the Poor will be next up to bat. The order of Catholic nuns with thirty homes in the United States are headlining a group of non-profit organizations challenging the contraception mandate just like Hobby Lobby did with other for-profit business. Their case is about a year behind Hobby Lobby’s, but today’s decision tilts fate in their favor.