Driscoll Apologizes for 'Mistakes' in Plagiarism Controversy


Pastor Mark Driscoll has issued an apology after a prolonged silence regarding numerous charges of plagiarism in his books. In the statement released to "The Christian Post," the controversial minister says he expects Jesus to use the experience for his betterment. "Mistakes were made that I am grieved by and apologize for," Driscoll said. "As a Bible teacher, I know that Jesus loves us and uses everything for good. I know he cares very much that we do things in a way that reflects his glory. As a result, I have been praying that he would help me learn through all of this to become more like him and more effective for him."

In the same statement, a representative for Tyndale House, the publishing company that released his most recently released book, A Call to Resurgence, defended Driscoll:

"Because of the biblical manner in which Pastor Driscoll has handled this situation, Tyndale strongly stands behind him and looks forward to publishing many additional books with him. Tyndale believes that Mark Driscoll has provided a significant call to Christians to unite together in translating the message of Jesus faithfully to a post-Christian culture, to proclaim clearly, loudly, and unashamedly the Good News of Jesus."

It's unclear why Driscoll waited until now to publicly address the matter. The first accusations of plagiarism were made by syndicated radio host Janet Mefferd on a November 21 broadcast. She subsequently accused Driscoll of plagiarizing in two other books. Mefferd's interview generated a firestorm, to which the radio host responded by producing evidence on her blog to support her accusations.


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