Some Things Just Aren't Funny: A Response to Mark Driscoll


I’d tried to explain to my dad that I was only kidding—a common excuse given by children who’ve been caught red-handed—but he was quick to reply, “Son, some things just aren’t funny.” This week, I’ve been reminded anew of the truth of his words. On Monday, I penned a column entitled, “Is Mark Driscoll this generation’s Pat Robertson?” that referenced some of the more controversial statements of both men. The introduction to the story centered on a recent comment made by Pastor Mark at the Catalyst Conference in Dallas, Texas where he remarked that he drove an SUV because God was going to burn up the Earth anyway.

I was careful not to address the character of either preacher in the article. My assumption is that both men are, for the most part, well meaning even if their words don’t always express the intentions of their hearts. Instead, I hoped to begin what I believe is a much-needed conversation on the prudence of rhetoric.

Apparently, the article did not go unnoticed. I had a lively conversation with the Communications Director at Mars Hills Church and then Pastor Mark posted an article addressing the Catalyst comment.

“I told some jokes,” Driscoll said of his talk. “People knew they were jokes, as the laughter was loud enough to hear with the ears God specially designed in part for listening to jokes.”


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