The resurrection of Mark Driscoll


This past Easter, Jesus wasn’t the only one coming back from the dead. Former mega-church pastor Mark Driscoll also made an attempt at resurrection with the launch of his new church in Scottsdale, Arizona. For those unaware, Driscoll is the former pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. At its peak, the church had more than a dozen locations and in excess of 12,000 weekly attenders. But in 2014, a string of scandals forced Driscoll to resign. He was accused of plagiarizing content in his books, spending more than $200,000 in ministry money for personal gain, and bullying staff members. While Driscoll had already become known for making misogynistic and homophobic comments, the 2014 controversies were the proverbial straws on the camel’s back. Following his resignation, Mars Hill Church shuttered. How should Christians respond to the resurrection of Mark Driscoll's ministry?